Other scripts


“Montague and Bullingdon” Costume Horror Comedy – Feature Film Script –(first draft completed 2013).

“Talk of the Devil” Costume Horror Comedy – Short Film Script – (featuring the characters Montague and Bullingdon).

“Black Planet” Contemporary Horror – Feature Script – (first draft complete as of October 2014).

“Freddy Valentine and the Soho Ghoul” Contemporary Comedy Horror – Radio Script – (Recorded at Another Tongue Studios,  Summer 2015)

“The Older Woman” Contemporary Drama / Horror – Short film (First draft completed December 2016)

“Horror Cells”  Anthology Horror – (commenced writing January 2016)

“The Immortals”  From the anthology Horror Cells – (completed June 2016)

“The Witch’s Ball”   Short Film Script – (completed December 2016)

“The reluctant medium”   Short Film Script – (completed January 2017)

“Chetwyn and Valentine” Contemporary Comedy Horror –  30 minute TV script –

(Based on the characters in “Freddy Valentine and the Soho Ghoul” completed January 2017)

A series of short horror plays  Contemporary Drama / Horror – for stage- (completed first drafts Autumn 2015)